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The Adinkra symbol at the top of the Blacktoberfest seal is Gye W’ani or “rich living”. It translates to “enjoy yourself, joy of living, happiness and laughter.” That’s what Blacktoberfest is all about. “Black Joy. Unfiltered. Punctuated by the support of Black commerce.”

Blacktoberfest is an event designed to highlight Black Owned Businesses and give platforms to those who may not have the benefit of a brick-and-mortar establishment, website, or supply chain operation. Offering Black Business Owners a venue to network with other business owners and connect with the local community who will not only patronize, but support them beyond the day of the event.

Cuisine Noir

A symphony of the senses as Black culinary excellence permeates the atmosphere.

Wine & Spirits

Indulge in black commerce over cocktails and wine poured from our finest community vendor(s)

Soulful Sounds

Imagine roaring fire pits and hanging lights illuminating melanated faces as soulful music glides across the air.


Blacktoberfest Shop

Community Auntie, Shelley Covington asked if we could put the Blacktoberfest Seal on a shirt, so you know we had to oblige. We’ll be using the proceeds from all apparel sold to purchase all the aesthetics for the event (i.e. fire pits, bulb lights, seating, etc.) plus offset the cost of equipment and permits. If you want to be an angel investor in Blacktoberfest and have your gear to rep your involvement at the event? Here’s your chance! This is not a batch order so your apparel is sent to your door per your order!


1544 Columbia Avenue

Indianapolis, IN