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Wine & Spirits

Sip & Share Wines


Sip & Share Wines is a boutique winery producing a diversity of handcrafted vegan wines. We’re passionate about creating community with wine, especially for wine lovers often overlooked and underrepresented by the wine industry. Our wines are approachable to all palates, fun and made to sip and share. Purchase a bottle or join the wine club at

Sip and Share Wines is the official wine of Daptoberfest!


Phases by Fazle

For those of you who don’t know, Blacktoberfest’s motto is: “Black Joy. Unfiltered.” In fact, the Adinkra symbol at the top of the Blacktoberfest seal is Gye W’ani or “rich living”. It translates to “enjoy yourself, joy of living, happiness and laughter.” That’s what Blacktoberfest is all about. “Black Joy. Unfiltered. Punctuated by the support of Black commerce.”

Interestingly enough, Phases by Fazle encourages you to “Live Life Thru Phases” & enjoy a special curated elixir that has been premium distilled & infused with fresh fruit.

What better way to enjoy all the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of Black Excellence coming your way than to wash it down with a swig of Phases, after all; “…it’s just juice”.

Phases by Fazle is the official elixer of Daptoberfest!

Moor's Brewing Co.

Chicago’s Black Owned Beer.

Our beer pays homage to the rich untold history of our African ancestry and the “Original Craftsmen” that made it happen. We put hours in to get that perfect finish! It’s truly been a journey of learning, reflection and cultivation … 

The highest order of accomplishment in our craft will be for our loyal ambassadors to join us in a triumphant moment.

Moor’s Brewing Co. is the official Beer of Daptoberfest!

Bougie Booze

Bougie Booze was officially launched in March 2021. It was a brainchild for a while but the pandemic really helped catapult the business. We started with small events such as birthday parties and 1 additional bartender. We have since expanded to large events around Indiana and Ohio with 5 bartenders, a bar assistant and moving team. We are truly a bar catering service and we cater to the needs and the vision of each client individually. Although we have expanded we still take pride in birthday parties, weddings, bachelor/ette parties and more. We are so thankful for each person that supports us and follows us to each event. Our ultimate goal is to be able to give you this experience on a daily basis in a physical location.

Bougie Booze by Tarah is the official mixologist of Daptoberfest!