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Rich Culture Candle Co.


Created by activist Eric LeSure, Rich Culture Candle Company is honored to be among the new Black owned businesses that emerged as a result of the pandemic. This brand was created with love, life and liberation in mind.

Every handcrafted candle we offer tells a story. Each scent is deliberately named to pay homage to our rich Black culture around the world. Our collections are crafted to tantalize, captivate, inspire, empower, and give reverence to “The Culture”.

Rich Culture is a justice focused, socially conscious brand. We partner with community groups and organizations that address systemic racism, economic inequality, and other systems that oppress people of color and the LGBTQ community. With each purchase, we’re able to give back and uplift our community.  

Rich Culture Candle Company is an environmentally conscious candle brand based in Indianapolis, IN. We are proud to be a Black owned and operated small business.  

Please stop by their booth during Blacktoberfest for an opportunity to smell their amazing scents! To shop with Rich Culture Candle Company online, visit:

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